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  • 名帅之约_革命系列_葡萄酒|红酒|红酒定制|干红葡萄酒批发|RPL干红葡萄酒
  • This is the front access to RPL extreme taste. It is mainly made from Shiraz—a scarce wine grape variety produced in 2006 and mixed with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. It is mixed and concocted by internationally famous winemaker and then bottled after being aged in French oak barrel for 12 months. With deep ruby red color, the wine body is bright and crystal and gives off typical flavors of matured blackcurrants with some aroma of cherry and vanilla. It has deep and mellow taste as well as full and rich wine body with a sweet and smooth honey aftertaste, giving extreme expression to the new red wine cultural ideas that RPL attaches great importance to taste. The friends tasting Key of Heaven will be keenly aware of the gorgeous lifting-up of grape changing into excellent wine.



    此款酒体呈深宝石红色调,色泽晶亮润泽。散发出典型的黑醋栗成熟果香,有些许甜樱桃和香草的香气;口感浑厚圆润,酒体饱满殷实,回口甘美有着蜂蜜的甜香顺 喉。极大地体现了RPL注重口感的红酒新文化理念,品鉴到此款酒的朋友,将深刻地体会到葡萄变美酒的华丽转身。

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